State Road 112 Open Road Tolling (ORT) Off-System Signing, Miami, Florida

Project Role: Prime Contractor
Owner/Agency: Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX)
Project Location: Miami, Florida
Start Date: August, 2013
Completion Date: August, 2014
Contract Value: $3,410,460.55

Project Description:

World Fiber’s construction services include, providing all labor, materials, equipment, traffic control, and incidentals necessary for the construction of advance ground mounted and overhead signing to provide sufficient warning, guidance, and information to users entering the soon to be converted SR 112 Open Road Tolling (ORT). A component of the Project includes the replacement of two DMS signs, for I-95 Express, which are impacted by the required SR 112 ORT signing.

Project Responsibilities:

• 61 Single Post Sign
• 9 Multi-Post Sign
• 10 Overhead Truss Span Sign up to 150′
• 6 Overhead Truss Cantilever Sign
• 4 Sign Lighted Overhead – Bridge Mounted
• 3,249 Lighting Conductors
• 49 Lighting Pull Box
• 1,200 Lf of ITS Electrical Power
• 837 Lf of Lighting Conduit Underground
• 2 Dynamic Message Sign
• 1 CCTV Camera, Dome Enclosure, Pressurized
• 1,455 Lf Fiber Optic Cable
• 437 LF of ITS Conduit, Underground
• 215 LF of ITS Conduit, Aboveground