South Broward County ATMS Design Build

Project Role: Prime Contractor
Owner/Agency: FDOT D4
Project Location: South Broward County, Florida
Start Date: December, 2012
Completion Date: February, 2014
Contract Value: $5,356,871.00

Project Description:

World Fiber is the prime contractor for the design, procurement, installation, integration, and testing for this ATMS deployment along arterials throughout Southern Broward County. The primary system components include a new dedicated communications network, including fiber optic cable and conduits, arterial ITS devices (CCTV cameras, ADMSs, MVDSs, ATTS), connection to existing traffic signal cabinets, transit Passenger Advisory Signs (PAS), and integration with the Transportation Management Center (TMC).
The installation of ATMS field devices are within the following project limits: Hollywood/Pines Blvd. from NW 142nd Ave to US-1; Hallandale Beach Blvd. from SR-7 to Three Islands Blvd.; US-1 from the county line to Pembroke Rd.; Pembroke Rd. from I-95 to US-1.

Project Responsibilities:

• ITS Fiber and Conduit
• 44 Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras 
• 4 Arterial Dynamic Message Sign (ADMS) 
• 15 Microwave Vehicle Detection Systems (MVDS) 
• 14 BlueTOAD Arterial Travel Time System (ATTS) 
• 7 Passenger Advisory Signs (PAS)
• All associated Field Cabinets
• Two communication hub cabinets
• Steel Overhead ADMS Sign Structures
• Concrete Spun Pole Structures