Project Role: Team Member
Owner/Agency: TXDOT
Project Location: Dallas
Start Date: December 21,2012
Completion Date: April 2016
Contract Value: $ 9,490,787

Project Description

World Fiber is the subcontractor for Kapsch TrafficCom IVHS Inc. This project scope of work consists of all above grade electrical installations associated with the toll collection zones, TRDMS, SDMS, DMS, STRDMS locations, AVI, HAR, CCTV and MVD locations, OHVD/OAS sites and the RWIS sites. WFTI will provide, install, and pull all communications cabling (fiber, network and RF), including fiber backbone and cabinet interconnects, as well as the connections between all gantry, pole or structure mounted TCS, ITS and DCS equipment and their respective cabinets on the LBJ project. This includes the communications cables, protection blocks, cable boots, fiber optic cables or connectors, cable splicing, or making field terminations to panels, instruments or other equipment. All underground conduit installations for the communications backbone cabling, toll zone equipment and cabinet interconnections, service power to equipment cabinets at all TCS/ITS locations. WFTI will provide all work associated with the various power, control and communications Cabling from TCS/ITS, split AVI, GP AVI, TRDMS AVI, ITS cabinets and corresponding equipment. Also included is to provide or install any above ground field conduit, cable trays, junction boxes, flex connectors, etc. as needed. WFTI will provide a grounding system for gantries, ITS structures, ITS cabinets, and equipment such as TRDMS, SDMS, DMS, STRDMS, and connect the lightning rods to the ground grid.

Project Responsibilities

• Project Scheduling
• Quality Management
• Schedule of Values
• ITS Systems including Cabinets
• CCTV Cameras fixed t o TRDMS and STRDMS
• Fiber Optic Cable
• Fiber Splicing, termination and testing
• Video Toll Cameras
• 4 Chord, Ground, Short Ground Structures
• Detector Poles (30ft, 40 ft, 50 ft, 100 ft)
• 5.8 GHz wireless radio system
• Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)
• Road Weather Information System (RWIS)
• Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) w/ Structure
• Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
• Generators and UPS
• Signs and Structures
• Power service
• Traffic control
• Maintenance