FDOT District 3, I-10 Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), Design-Build

Project Role: Prime Contractor
Owner/Agency: FDOT, District 3
Project Location: Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes, Washington, Jackson, Bay and Gadsden Counties, Florida
Start Date: August, 2013
Completion Date: February, 2015
Contract Value: $24,049,000.00

Project Description:

As the prime contract for this project, World Fiber is designing, constructing, and integrating an expansion of the District’s Regional Transportation Management Center (RTMC), Freeway Management System (FMS), and Telecommunications Infrastructure (TI) along Interstate 10 (SR 8). This project’s main implementations include the construction of an additional 3,142 SF to the RTMC building which expand the control center and office space, and over 240 miles of ITS devices supported by a fiber and wireless communication backbone. All components will be integrated into the RTMC as part of the FDOT SunGuide™ system.

Project Responsibilities:

Additions to the RTMC:
• Integration to the Regional Traffic Management Center (RTMC) with additional 3,142 SF of control center and office Space
• RTMC hardware and software
• Video Display Assembly (VDA)
• 24 – 46″ inch LED Samsung flat panels
• Video Display Controller (VDC)
• Hardwired Touch Panel (HTP)
• Wireless Touch Panel Remote Control System (WTP)
• Dual Cable TV Tuners
• Distributed Audio System (DAS)
• All cables; coaxial, data, video, and power
• Ancillary items for a fully operational VWD System

Freeway Management System:
•  Bridge attachments hangers
• Conduit (electrical, power service)
• Fiber Optic Cable Installation
• Splicing, termination and testing
• Plowing, boring, trenching
• Microwave Vehicle Detectors (MVDS) 
• Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras and poles 
• Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)
• Radar/Video Detection poles
• Roadway Weather Information Station (RWIS)