Adaptive Signal Contol Removal & Construction. Montgomery, Alabama

Project Role: Prime Contractor

Owner/Agency: Alabama DOT

Project Location: Montgomery County, AL

Start Date: June 16, 2012

Completion Date: November 16, 2013

Contract Value: $1,841,569.63

Project Description:

World Fiber Technologies, Inc. (World Fiber) was contracted by the Alabama Department of Transportation to remove outdated equipment and install Adaptive Signal Control systems at 35 intersections across Montgomery, AL. The intersections were along SR-21 (US-23/US-80) from the Mobile Highway to Roy Hodges Boulevard and included 12.6 miles of fiber optic cable and conduit installation, splicing, termination and testing.

212 video detection cameras and processers were installed at the 35 intersection which created an integrated and comprehensive system. Due to the intersections busy traffic flow during the morning and afternoon peaks, World Fiber performed all work in the turn lanes and/or gore areas which prevented the main travel lanes from being closed.

World Fiber also installed the Sydney Coordinated Adaptive System (SCATS) software as well as a regional computer in the City of Montgomery 911 Building. The new computer is a server/work station used by the City to monitor and control the SCATS system.

The City of Montgomery was on a very strict and short time line which World Fiber met. The project was also completed within budget.

Project Responsibilities:

  • Adaptive Traffic Signal Control at 35 intersections

  • Installation of Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS) software

  • Installation of a regional computer in the City of Montgomery’s 911 Building

  • 212 Video Detection Systems (VDS)

  • 12.6 miles of fiber optic cable & conduit installation

  • Splicing, termination & testing

  • Ethernet field switches

  • Removal of existing equipment

  • Management of Traffic (MOT)