Established in November of 1997, World Fiber has grown to be one of the most respected general utilities and electrical contractors in the United States. We employ on an annual average approximately 275 employees. We are pre-qualified, certified and licensed as a general, utilities and electrical contractor in more than 22 states across the US. 

World Fiber’s Foundation

Since incorporation in 1997, World Fiber’s growth and success in our market sectors is astounding. Upon reflection, our remarkable evolution is traceable to an unyielding commitment to our six core values set forth by our founder, Mark L. Battle: ownership, people, stability and flexibility, relationships,reinvestment, and perseverance.

1. Ownership

We take personal ownership of our work product. On each endeavor, we strive for workmanship so superior in quality that it is immediately identifiable with the World Fiber brand.

Our work is not just a job, it is a life that we live. Each World Fiber employee makes a 24 hour a day, seven day a week commitment to the success of each project. We understand that the consequence of failure in our business is not limited to crushing financial loss, but can also be a matter of life and death.

2. People

Our people are World Fiber’s greatest strength and our competitive advantage. Our employees are highly skilled and talented, but equally important, they are honest, ethical people. We are diligent in providing a safe environment, continuing education and strong sense of community.

3. Stability and Flexibility

World Fiber is a financially strong corporation with the talent, experience, equipment, licenses, and bonding to complete the most complex projects.

Our people have the talent and equipment to complete virtually any job in-house. Nevertheless, we have the flexibility to move quickly and perform as the prime or subcontractor on any project.

World Fiber has an outstanding record of on-time delivery and cost effective performance.

4. Relationships

World Fiber’s accomplishments and rapid growth are attributable in large part to our clients, suppliers and partners. They believe and trust in us because we believe and trust in them. Together, we have the confidence and resources to overcome monumental obstacles.

5. Reinvestment

As World Fiber grows, we continuously reinvest in talent, training, technology, and process. We bring the highest quality people, refined processes and sophisticated technology to generate tangible and timely results for our clients.

6. Perseverance

World Fiber believes that well directed, consistent action is the key to overcoming any business obstacle. We maintain a positive and productive work environment that enables our team of professionals to persevere with pride and passion.